Delivery FAQs

Do I Have To Be Home or How Do You Deliver My Clothes?Top

You do not have to be home! In fact, most of our residential customers are not home. That is why we started home delivery service. Our customers told us they wanted more leisure time for doing things that they enjoy. By supplying you with dry cleaning bags and the convenient monthly billing then no one has to be at home to enjoy the benefits of free home delivery. We simply pick-up the bag from the front porch or another pre-arranged location and deliver them on the hook we will provide for you. Some people prefer for their garment to be picked-up and placed into their coded garage. This may also be arranged.

How Often Do You Pick Up? / What Are The Days?Top

We are in your area, twice a week, on your scheduled delivery days. When we pick-up your bag on the scheduled day, we will bring back your clean and pressed clothes the next scheduled day, and vice versa.

Do I Need To Call If I Have Nothing for Pickup?Top

No, you don’t have to call. We are in your neighborhood twice a week. Even if you are a once a week customer, or once a month customer, this is what our service was designed for … to make it easy and convenient for you.

What Time Do You Pick Up And Deliver?Top

We hate to sound worse than the cable guy, but we ask that you just put the bag out by 8:30 in the morning and we will have your clothes delivered by 5:00 the next delivery day.

How Do I Pay?Top

We simply bill your credit card or we will send you a monthly invoice.

Why Don’t You Charge For The Service?Top

We are in the customer service business. There are no hidden costs or fees. We are glad to bring our dry cleaners to your door. Besides, we are always in your area servicing great customers just like you in your neighborhood.

I Am Happy With Current Cleaners (who have pickup service)Top

We are happy that you are satisfied. Many people on our route were happy with their cleaner, but when they found out how great our service is, and saw the quality of work, they have remained loyal to us.

I Am Nervous About Leaving My Clothes Outdoors!Top

Some customers felt that way until they found out that clean or dirty, laundry is not a high priority for thieves! Plus you live in a great neighborhood!

I Don’t Know If The Turn Around Time Will Work For MeTop

Some of our customers felt that they had to have a quicker turnaround time until they found out that they could send clothes on both delivery days each week. This ensured that they would always have plenty of clean clothes pressed and ready to wear.

Customers always have the option to drop their clothes at Morrell’s @ Stadium Dry Cleaners anytime they need or have an “emergency” order as well.

Any other questions or comments please feel free to call!Top

About Us

Morrell’s@Stadium Dry Cleaners is part of the Morrell Family Cleaners. Aaron Morrell is a Rogers High School and University of Washington graduate who has been working in the dry cleaning industry for the past 17 years. Our family-run and operated business started in 1972 at what was originally known as Morrell’s Dry Cleaners off of Stadium Way in Tacoma. It has recently been re-branded and is now Morrells@Stadium Dry Cleaners.

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